Also called sharplanina, this breed is originating from South-East Yugoslavia. Used to protect herds, he shows courage and he is a great enemy of wolves.
He is also a great family dog. He likes to be in quiet place from where he can observe and watch over... he doesn't like stangers and prevent them from getting into your home unless you invite them to do so, but even in this case, he will stay in the background.
Entirely devoted to his owners, he obeys provided what he is asked to is logical, it seems he doesn't do anything without thinking it over first and can astonish you ...
You will never be disappointed in him.


TARA is a Sharplanina female.
Above all she is a great guard dog always in alert... but, however hard I looked at my photos, I found none showing her as impressive...
She will never have puppies, as she can't, but we do love her and she feels the same way about us.

    Tara's Photo Album
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Tidying up is my bag !

Hidden under the table

Tara and Urka

Tara et son copain Lulu

In the snow with her friends

I am the chieftain

Cuddling is fine

I like my cap

Tara and Venus